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Virginia Beach Estate Planning Lawyer / Blog / Estate Planning / When It Comes to Estate Plans, How Crazy is TOO Crazy?

When It Comes to Estate Plans, How Crazy is TOO Crazy?

We often mention on our blog how important it is to create an estate plan regardless of the size of your estate. We also frequently remind our readers of how flexible estate plans can be to protect your family in all the varied and unique ways you require. Well, just in case our word isn’t enough for you, the San Francisco Chronicle helps us out with this article naming 10 of the strangest wills in recent history, including:

Leona Helmsley, who left $12 million in trust to her dog.

Harry Houdini, who directed in his will that a séance be held every year on the anniversary of his death.

Gene Roddenberry, who requested that his ashes be scattered in space (outside of the earth’s atmosphere.)

Mark Gruenwald, the Executive Editor of certain beloved Marvel comics, who instructed that his ashes be mixed with ink and used to print comic books.

Charles Vance Miller, wealthy Toronto attorney, who bequeathed a large portion of his estate to whichever Toronto woman produced the most children in the decade following his death.

And more

Aside from the amusement these eccentric estate plans provide, they teach a valuable lesson as well: No estate is too large or too small, no request too strange, no question too crazy to bring to your estate planner. An estate plan (and estate planner) can help you achieve your goals no matter how mundane or unusual they may seem.

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