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Virginia Beach Estate Planning Lawyer / Virginia Beach Diverse Family Estate Planning Lawyer

Virginia Beach Diverse Family Estate Planning Lawyer

Meeting the Needs of Blended Families and Unmarried Couples in Virginia Beach

America in the 21st Century does not look like the TV families from the 1950s. Today, 40% of marriages include at least one partner with a child from a previous relationship. And according to the Pew Research Center, 38% of adults between the ages of 25 and 54 are unpartnered, meaning they are neither married nor living with someone. This statistic includes people who are separated, divorced and widowed and have not entered into a new relationship, but the lion’s share is made up of people who have never (or not yet) chosen to marry.

At The Law Office of Angela N. Manz, our firm is proud to assist families of diverse backgrounds, including blended and non-traditional families, couples who are cohabiting and perhaps raising children together, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. Families from diverse backgrounds need thoughtful estate planning as much as traditional families. Indeed, the need for non-traditional families to engage in careful estate planning is even greater than it is for traditional families in many respects. No matter your background, The Law Office of Angela N. Manz is happy to help you address your unique planning needs and make the best decisions for your loved ones. Contact our Virginia Beach diverse family estate planning lawyers today for help with all estate matters.

Estate Planning for Blended Families

Blended families, including individuals in their second or third marriages and their respective children from prior unions, often face unique challenges when it comes to estate planning. However, tailored approaches can help ensure that everyone’s interests are safeguarded.

  1. Complex Family Dynamics: In blended families, there might be a mixture of stepchildren, half-siblings, and full siblings. Each relationship brings its own dynamics, and estate planning can ensure that the financial interests of each family member are represented fairly.
  2. Assets from Previous Marriages: It’s not uncommon for spouses in a blended family to bring assets from previous marriages into the new union. To avoid any potential disputes or misunderstandings, it’s vital to clearly define how these assets will be distributed.
  3. Ensuring Fairness for All: A primary goal of estate planning for blended families is often to ensure fairness. This doesn’t necessarily mean equal distribution, but rather an arrangement that respects the wishes of the deceased while taking into consideration the needs and relationships of the family members.

Whatever your needs, goals and concerns, having open and transparent conversations with your loved ones during the planning process can help everyone come together and discuss important and sentimental assets as a family.  Including your loved ones in your decision-making can help ensure that your estate plan divides assets according to your wishes, and doesn’t divide the family after you’re gone. The Law Office of Angela N. Manz can help.

Estate Planning for Unmarried Couples

For unmarried couples in a long-term relationship, whether they’ve been previously divorced, separated, widowed, or have never tied the knot, estate planning plays a crucial role in protecting their joint assets and ensuring the security of their loved ones.

  1. Protecting Each Other’s Interests: Unmarried couples don’t have the same automatic legal protections as their married counterparts. Through estate planning, they can establish directives and protections, such as Powers of Attorney or Healthcare Directives, to ensure each partner can make crucial decisions if the other becomes incapacitated.
  2. Asset Distribution: Without a clear estate plan, an unmarried partner might not be entitled to any assets upon the other’s death, as the state will choose instead to distribute them based on blood relations. An estate plan ensures that assets go to the intended recipient.
  3. Children from Previous Relationships: If one or both partners have children from previous relationships, it becomes all the more important to clearly outline how assets will be divided among them.
  4. End-of-Life Decisions: It’s essential for unmarried couples to have clear directives about end-of-life decisions. This includes medical decisions, funeral arrangements, and how assets will be distributed after death.

Contact The Law Office of Angela N. Manz for Help With Estate Planning for Families of Diverse Backgrounds in Virginia Beach

At The Law Office of Angela N. Manz in Virginia Beach, we understand that families come in all shapes and sizes. Our goal is to ensure that every family, regardless of structure, feels confident and secure in their estate planning decisions. We provide personalized guidance tailored to the unique challenges and dynamics of diverse family backgrounds. By taking a proactive approach to estate planning, families can prevent potential disputes, ensure fair asset distribution, and, most importantly, ensure that their loved ones are cared for in the best possible manner. Call us today to start a conversation or get immediate assistance.

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