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About Pamela Wallace

Pamela WallacePamela Wallace graduated with Merit from the United States Naval Academy earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science. After serving in the Navy, she attended Regent University Law School and was a member of the Regent University Law Review.

While in law school, her oldest brother became incapacitated and soon passed away after suffering from a stroke. Pamela saw firsthand the devastating effects sudden incapacity and death of a loved one can have on a family. Particularly, when no estate plan existed to state wishes regarding medical treatment and distribution of assets. Pamela’s desire is to help as many people as possible avoid such an experience.

After graduating law school, Pamela established an estate planning and administration law practice. The goal of the practice was to inform and assist persons in creating holistic and comprehensive estate plans tailored to meet their individual needs and goals. After experiencing the tragic situation that happened to her oldest brother, and being a wife and mother of two children, she has a strong understanding of the need to provide for and protect family and loved ones. Pamela looks forward to having the opportunity to help you provide for and protect your family and loved ones as well.

In her free time, Pamela enjoys spending time with her family including her dog Blaze, gardening, and bird watching. Pamela also volunteers and serves on the board of directors for a nonprofit mentoring organization for girls.

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