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Virginia Beach Estate Planning Lawyer / Blog / Wills / Want to Settle Scores with Your Will? Here’s Why You Should Skip It

Want to Settle Scores with Your Will? Here’s Why You Should Skip It

Although it can be difficult to come to terms with the management of your estate and family members that you wish to disinherit, using your will to settle a score and leave in specific clauses that make things more difficult for your loved ones is not always recommended. If you do desire to disinherit someone in your will, there are ways of doing this without adding fuel to the fire.

Your will is an opportunity to bring order for what can be a confusing and difficult time for your family. The moment can be further complicated if you take one last swing by trying to settle a score.

People will get the picture when you intentionally disinherit or acknowledge them. It’s not easy to approach the process of estate planning when there are numerous challenges and difficult family situations involved, but a tactful estate planning attorney can help walk you through this process in a way that accomplishes your goals without making things work.

If you have final issues with your loved ones as you put together an estate plan, it’s better to not mention them at all. Otherwise, you risk adding more fuel to the fire when your other family members are grieving your loss.

Be aware that without proper estate planning tools, some aggravated “beneficiaries” may try to argue that your will is not valid, causing disputes with other loved ones as your case moves into the court system.

Set up a time to talk through your concerns with an experienced VA Beach estate planning lawyer.

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