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Virginia Beach Estate Planning Lawyer / Blog / Assets / How To Review Benefits And Insurance For Possible Incapacity Planning

How To Review Benefits And Insurance For Possible Incapacity Planning


Working through the financial and estate planning process means thinking about what happens to you or your assets if you become unable to speak for yourself or care for yourself. Planning for the unexpected and developing contingency plans is crucial, even though you hope you never have to activate these plans.

Unwelcome events can turn your life upside down, and you should start by considering what benefits you really do have in order to decide other ways you need to invest in potential benefits. Look at your employer’s insurance policies and benefits. For example, do you have any other insurance coverage that may apply if you were to become disabled or unable to work? Short term and long term disability policies may come with your employment, or you may have purchased these privately. They will give you a portion of your income if your claim is approved and you’re unable to work.

However, review details about the waiting period before benefits begin and how long they will pay out and at what rate. Disability benefits can be taxable if your employer pays the premium on this disability insurance policy. However, if you are personally paying the premiums, the disability benefits may be tax free. Consider the potential income received through Social Security Disability Income should your assigned disability be expected to last for longer than a year.

If you are concerned about losing your ability to work in Virginia because of a disability, you need to consult with an experienced and qualified estate planning lawyer. A lawyer can help you walk through the important questions for incapacity planning and to put you on track for what you need to evaluate.

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