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Estate Distribution Questions to Ask Your Lawyer


Your first meeting with an estate planning lawyer is an important because it should establish your overall goals and make sure that you have clarity on what you hope to accomplish with your estate plan. Only then will you be able to work with your estate planning lawyer to craft a solid strategy for estate distribution.

There are a few different questions that you should have in mind as you prepare for this initial meeting, including:

  • What distribution provisions should you include for your spouse?
  • Are there separate distribution provisions you should include for your children? If you do pass assets onto children, should those assets be passed directly or put in a trust for a longer period of time?
  • Does your current plan effectively distribute assets the way that you expected to and does this match up with your goals and wishes?
  • Do you need to incorporate any special trust provisions, such as plans for someone in the family with special needs to preserve their eligibility to get important benefits?
  • Do you wish to support your grandchildren through tools, such as the development of a trust?

There are many different topics to cover in your initial meeting with an estate planning lawyer but these will give you a roadmap for the estate planning distribution provisions that are most important.

Reach out to a Virginia Beach, VA estate planning attorney to get your planning process started.

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