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Virginia Beach Estate Planning Lawyer / Blog / Aging / Does My Elderly Parent Need a POA?

Does My Elderly Parent Need a POA?


There are many scenarios when it makes sense for your elderly parent to have a power of attorney document in place that names you as the agent. While some of these situations help in terms of convenience, there are others that might arise making it a real necessity to be able to speak up for your parent and make decisions for them.

If it becomes too hard for your mother or father to keep up with their own bills and they feel that it is overwhelming or mistakes are being made, this could be a sign that they need assistance with organization. Having a financial power of attorney empowers you to make these decisions for them and help them pay these bills on a regular basis.

If your loved one has a surgery planned in the near future, they might need you to take over on their behalf. In the event of an accident or other situation in which your loved one is not able to manage for themselves, a power of attorney document gives them peace of mind that you can step in at a moment’s notice.

A recent diagnosis might also be the trigger point for you to draft a power of attorney document. If your loved one is now trying to figure out what their future looks like, having a power of attorney document means that your loved one can continue making decisions on their own behalf until they become unable to do so anymore. At that point, the power of attorney is activated so that you can help them decide the best financial and medical options for them with their condition.

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