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Virginia Beach Estate Planning Lawyer / Blog / Estate Planning / When Should I Update My Living Will?

When Should I Update My Living Will?


Like all estate planning documents, there are certain circumstances that call for you to update your living will. Making sure that your estate planning materials are regularly updated will ensure that if something happens to you that your plan will be followed. Update your living will in the following circumstances:

  • There has been a recent change in health care laws.
  • There have been new changes in medical technology that you do or do not want considered as part of your future care.
  • There are new changes or limits on medical care to meet your ability to pay.
  • You are responding to the death of a significant other or loved one.
  • You have recently moved to a new state.
  • There have been changes in your health, such as a terminal diagnosis, pregnancy, hospitalization or need for surgery.
  • You need to designate a different person to make health care decisions for you.
  • You have changes in your beliefs and desires regarding end of life care.

In all of these circumstances, working with the right estate planning attorney is strongly recommended to ensure that you have considered all of the most important issues and set yourself up for the future. Do not hesitate to communicate with an experienced and qualified lawyer as soon as you can to protect your interests in full with a living will.

Our Virginia Beach, VA estate planning lawyer is familiar with all aspects of planning ahead for your future with power of attorney documents. When you hire a lawyer, you can work on a personalized strategy designed to help you accomplish your primary goals.

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