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Virginia Beach Estate Planning Lawyer / Blog / Estate Planning / What Other Important Papers Should My Executor Be Able to Find?

What Other Important Papers Should My Executor Be Able to Find?


The documents and instructions left for your loved ones explain your wishes and help them find critical details they need in the aftermath of your death. If your loved ones or appointed executor can’t find these materials, this could delay the administration of your estate and add to an already difficult situation.

Even if you know where to find your key documents, that doesn’t always mean that other stakeholders can locate that information without some instructions. It can be very hard for other people to understand your thought process in where you store things, and this further delay could also add stress for your family members.

After you pass away, your executor or personal representative may need to access critical paperwork to determine what to do next. This paperwork may include things such as your will and copies of any trusts. But these are not the only documents that may play a role in the distribution of your assets or the handling of any issues as part of your probate estate. Keeping an organized and updated estate is extremely important, but your chosen executor or personal representative should also know where to find these documents to take action.

Other important papers they may need to reference include long-term care insurance, marriage licenses, birth certificates, divorce papers, beneficiary designations and life insurance. Some of these documents may also apply when you have a power of attorney agent who is assisting you with handling your affairs or your finances. Make sure your estate plan has been drafted by a qualified estate planning attorney. Reach out to our Virginia Beach, VA office now to get more help.

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