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Virginia Beach Estate Planning Lawyer / Blog / Asset Protection / Trillions of Dollars Will Be Transferred Soon. Are You Ready?

Trillions of Dollars Will Be Transferred Soon. Are You Ready?


High net worth wealth transfer is top of line for many estate planning and asset protection planning attorneys today. Across the world, more than $8.6 trillion in high net worth wealth will change hands in the coming decades. Nearly 40% of today’s high net worth investors are over age 60, and many of them will need to consider involving the next generation in the estate planning process.

High net worth families have unique concerns and questions to bring to the table with regard to leveraging tax strategies, protecting their assets from creditors, and other potential risks, and deciding how to support other efforts like their philanthropic goals through the means of estate planning.

Your family members might not be prepared for how to handle a major inheritance- this is where using tools like trusts can help you to accomplish your primary goals with estate planning and minimizing the risk of squandering those assets.

Even if you have a smaller estate, don’t overlook the opportunities to get organized and plan for a smooth transition of your assets. In the wake of coping with all the details of losing a loved one, your family members don’t need the additional stress of attempting to figure out what you intended. You can protect the value inside your estate and

Scheduling a consultation with an experienced Virginia estate planning lawyer is a great place to start if your estate planning has become extremely complex and you would like insight on how to properly leverage the passage of this transfer.

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