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Virginia Beach Estate Planning Lawyer / Blog / Estate Planning / The Importance of Explaining Your Estate Plan to Your Children

The Importance of Explaining Your Estate Plan to Your Children


Even if all your children get along now, there’s nothing like an unknown estate plan to cause anxiety and arguments within the family. Discussing your intentions in advance with your family members is one way to reduce future conflict.

If your children are included as part of your estate plan, or you have specific wishes in your estate plan that your children may not expect, it can be very valuable to discuss these plans with your children. There are some situations in which a child may be unwilling to discuss a parent’s estate planning.

For example, your adult children may believe that you are devoting too much time to thinking about death rather than enjoying life. However, you are not unhealthily preoccupied with the concept of death, but are instead focusing on your ability to live confidently by taking the necessary steps to protect your interests and ensure that your loved ones receive assets as intended. For far too many people who have not put their estate plan in order, there is an emotional uncertainty and questioning that bothers them.

Knowing that they have this unfinished business adds additional stress to you. Discussing your estate plans with your experienced estate planning lawyer can also give you further clarity over gaps that you may have in your current documentation. This can help you start the conversation with your adult children about what you have planned for your estate and how best to protect your interests. Schedule a time to meet with an estate planning attorney in Virginia Beach today to learn more.

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