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Virginia Beach Estate Planning Lawyer / Blog / Wills / Some Wills Have a Way of Making People Laugh

Some Wills Have a Way of Making People Laugh

Senior couple sitting on grass together relaxing
Senior couple sitting on grass together relaxing
Not everyone takes a grim approach when it comes to the Grim Reaper.

A delightful website based in the United Kingdom focuses on last wills in which a bit of whimsy or human or error or outrageous personality comes shining through. kstock

Among them:

“Anthony Scott, in his last will and testament wrote, ‘To my first wife Sue, whom I always promised to mention in my will. Hello Sue!’ ”

“One well-meaning will maker gave a legacy to The Royal Society for the Prevention of Birds. By bizarre coincidence, Frank Clifford’s last will and testament included a legacy to the Royal Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals.”

Other examples on the site include the man who left money to his employer to purchase a book on manners.

And then there was a rather strange religious last will and testament.

“Norman Earnest Digweed’s will entered the hall of famous wills when he directed that his estate of £26,000 be placed in trust for 80 years for Jesus Christ should he return within that time. Quite a number of people came forward to claim the estate which nevertheless passed to the crown after the 80 years was up in 1977.”

The website, for all the humor it derives from the odd, error-prone or bitter final wishes, does conclude on a serious note.

“Wills can be a laugh, but what is more worrying is that many people procrastinate with their wills. Thousands of people die each year without having made their wills. And in many cases, the state will benefit while their families and friends lose out. Start to make a will now so your loved ones don’t miss out.”

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