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Virginia Beach Estate Planning Lawyer / Blog / Veterans / Ruses That Target Veterans Termed ‘Despicable’

Ruses That Target Veterans Termed ‘Despicable’

Proud saluting male army soldier on american flag background
Proud saluting male army soldier on american flag background

Along with the elderly, heartless scammers frequent target veterans and their families, according to a recent American Association of Retired Persons blog, which referred to these confidence games as “despicable.”

“Scammers are calling widows of military veterans, saying the deceased had a hefty life insurance policy but payments are in arrears, and a few thousand dollars will bring the life insurance policy up to date,” according to the article by Sid Kirchheimer

“Whether you’re an active-duty member or a military veteran, a family member or an everyday civilian who appreciates the duty and sacrifice of veterans, con artists have you in their sights.”

Among the scams cited in the blog are people posing as officials with the Veterans Administration seeking to obtain personal and financial information.

“Don’t provide personal or financial information, including Social Security number, driver’s license or bank or credit accounts, in unsolicited phone calls or during visits from self-described employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs; it’s fraudsters who are asking under the guise of supposed policy changes for dispensing drugs or receiving benefits,” Kirchheimer writes.

Bogus charities are another strategy of criminals targeting members of the military and their families.

“Before donating, verify charities by checking their names and reputations at the Wise Giving Alliance, operated by the Better Business Bureau, Charity Navigator or GuideStar,” the blog advises.

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