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Virginia Beach Estate Planning Lawyer / Blog / Estate Planning / Planning Your Estate Can Help Loved Ones Cope With Loss

Planning Your Estate Can Help Loved Ones Cope With Loss

In our line of business we like to think that what we offer our clients is more than a way to minimize estate taxes or avoid a lengthy probate, we like to think that what we really offer our clients is an opportunity for peace and comfort during a time of stress and emotional upheaval.

Sharon Epperson, in her article on MSNBC entitled “How Dad’s Planning Helped Us Cope With His Death” gets to the heart of what we think everybody is trying to accomplish when they contact an estate planner. “By making some important decisions while living, my father helped to lessen the overwhelming stress of coping with sudden loss.”

Epperson goes on to explain that while simple things like a clear-cut will, pre-made funeral arrangements and an up-to-date life insurance policy can make all the difference in the world to grieving relatives, “only 45 percent [of respondents in a State Farm survey] say they’ve actually made plans.”

The truth is that the hardest part of creating an estate plan is simply getting started. Asking that first question, making the first decision, creating the first document… once you’ve taken the first step the rest comes easily—especially if you have a knowledgeable and compassionate advisor to help you along the way.

When clients come to our office asking about a last will and testament, or a trust for their children, we know that the question underlying the entire experience is “How can I ensure my family will be taken care of?” Our goal is to address ALL of your concerns, and help you provide your loved ones with a port of comfort and security in the storm.

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