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Virginia Beach Estate Planning Lawyer / Blog / Estate Planning / Lack of Estate Planning Could Prove Problematic for Aretha Franklin’s Heirs

Lack of Estate Planning Could Prove Problematic for Aretha Franklin’s Heirs

Numerous different celebrities have failed to engage in appropriate estate planning process and this information comes out in a very public manner after that person passes away.

Aretha Franklin’s estate is no exception to this. Early indications from court documents show that Aretha Franklin might not have had a will. This was revealed in court filings that were established August 28th.

This means that her estate will be left to the court system to sort out in what is likely going to be a very public process. These proceedings are complicated even for people who do not have massive wealth or who wouldn’t be classified as celebrities. This is because these proceedings can reveal private details to the public and can also lead to battles within the family, expensive litigation over who is entitled to what is left and lengthy delays. Furthermore, it is often the case that the outcomes of these types of cases are not in accordance with what the person who passed away wanted. This situation is common among not just rich and famous people but everyone else.

Dying without a will, often referred to as dying intestate, can cause financial and tax problems that amplify family strife during a difficult time and that could have been completely avoided. Seek professional help by consulting with an experienced estate planning attorney to verify that the documents you have from a previous plan are still in line with your best interests. The support of a knowledgeable lawyer is instrumental in developing an estate plan that addresses your needs now and well into the future.

As your life changes, you will need to adapt your estate plan in line with changes to your life and having a firm relationship with an estate planning professional who you can trust makes this situation that much easier. Don’t put off the process of estate planning any longer because you could only be causing more problems for you and your loved ones by doing so.

Your Virginia Beach estate planning lawyer is here to help.

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