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Category Archives: Inheritance

Early Inheritances: Are They Right?

Does it make sense to give an early inheritance to your kids.  Remember that giving financial gifts to your children should be done only when you have the support of an experienced estate plan lawyer who can walk you through … Continue reading

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Caring for a Child with Addiction or Mental Illness After You Pass Away

Every parent has concerns about how they will pass on their assets to their loved ones in the future but there are many more complications when you have a child who is struggling with mental illness or with addiction issues. … Continue reading

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Estate Planning Item Often Overlooked: Having ‘The Talk’ With Offspring

Estate planning is rife with difficult decisions, including one that not many people might think of going into the process: What, and when, to tell the children? This can turn out to be one of the most difficult, according to … Continue reading

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Divorce Should Trigger Automatic Estate Update

Divorce is often the most major disruption people will experience in their lives. View image | It need not also disrupt things after their deaths. “If you have just gotten divorced, you may be focused on getting on with … Continue reading

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Parents, Children Need To Have That Other ‘Talk’

When it comes to parent-child relationships, “the talk” isn’t only from mom and dad to their offspring, and it doesn’t only deal with the facts of life. View image | As noted in an article by Jane Bryant Quinn … Continue reading

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Estate Planning Increasingly Involves Charity Decisions

How to distribute one’s estate, never an easy decision and one with which people wrestle a great deal, becomes all the more complicated for those who don’t have children, stepchildren, grandchildren or other family members who might otherwise normally be … Continue reading

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The Heart, As Well As The Head, Plays Role In Estate Decisions

Good estate planning goes behind the numbers to take the individuals involved into account. When it comes to giving gifts to family and loved ones through a will or while still alive, there are tax implications to be taken into … Continue reading

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Reverse Mortgages May Lead To Problems For Heirs

While reverse mortgages may seem like a panacea for people in their golden years, caution should be exercised to ensure that not only is something of the estate preserved for heirs but also that debt isn’t passed along, too. A … Continue reading

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Lessons Are There For The Learning In Actor’s Death

The tragic death of talented actor Philip Seymour Hoffman from an apparent drug overdose offers some important lessons for people least likely to learn them. “One key lesson is the need to make an estate plan when one is going … Continue reading

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Changing will provisions at the end can be problematic

John Grisham’s latest bestselling novel revolves around a wealthy man crafting a handwritten will that completely cuts out his family and leaves the fortune to his housekeeper. The reason the man did this just prior to taking his own life, … Continue reading

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