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Category Archives: Estate Planning

Will A Second Marriage Derail Your Estate Plans?

A second marriage can introduce dramatic changes into your life. The financial implications of a second marriage can be significant. While many of the adjustments and changes to your life could have to do with child custody, alimony and division … Continue reading

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What Assets Need to Be Included in My Estate Inventory?

Each person’s estate inventory will look unique, but a careful consideration of the different types of assets that should be included can make it easier for your estate executor and your loved ones when you pass away. One of the … Continue reading

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How Do I Choose the Right Estate Planning Tools?

Essential estate planning boils down to considerations of protecting your rights if you were to become incapacitated and unable to make decisions for yourself as well as a plan for transferring on your assets to future generations. Putting together a … Continue reading

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Is a Joint Account Best for Estate Planning?

Establishing a joint bank account that allows your children to tap into your finances might initially seem like a good idea. In fact, you may have recently gone through some challenges with your own loved ones in which the fact … Continue reading

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Joint Bank Accounts Can Be Problematic for Crises

Establishing joint accounts that are used by both children and parents can seem like the most effective way to handle financial emergencies or to step in if someone needs assistance with their finances as they get older. But this can … Continue reading

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More Financial and Estate Planning Professionals See Desire from Younger People

All generations can benefit from estate planning, but that doesn’t mean that all people seek out the support of estate planning lawyers and financial advisors as they should. Younger people are, however, seeing the benefit to planning ahead as they … Continue reading

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Dementia & Estate Planning: What to Remember

Experiencing something personally often has a much different feeling than reading about it, observing it, or talking about it.  Unfortunately, when people are increasingly becoming connected to how a diagnosis of dementia can impact estate and legal planning.  The progression … Continue reading

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Lack of Estate Planning Could Prove Problematic for Aretha Franklin’s Heirs

Numerous different celebrities have failed to engage in appropriate estate planning process and this information comes out in a very public manner after that person passes away. Aretha Franklin’s estate is no exception to this. Early indications from court documents … Continue reading

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Understanding the Potential Challenges with Unrecorded Deeds

If your parents intend to pass property down to you but have not gone through the step of recording the deed, they could be putting you in a position to handle complex issues if they suddenly pass away. An unrecorded … Continue reading

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Be Prepared to Settle a Loved One’s Digital Estate

If you have been named as an executor or another person in a position of responsibility when a loved one passes away, you need to be prepared to schedule a consultation with an attorney. The more items you own, including … Continue reading

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