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Virginia Beach Estate Planning Lawyer / Blog / Estate Planning / How Long Does It Really Take for an Estate to Be Settled?

How Long Does It Really Take for an Estate to Be Settled?


If someone passes away in Virginia there are many different details that must be handled by the person appointed to take over administration of the estate. This can also be complicated if the person’s information or assets can’t be easily found.

If it has been several years since someone that you knew passed away and the estate still isn’t completely closed out, there could be complicating factors that are forcing the estate administrator to keep the claim open.

This is especially common when there are any conflicts over the estate planning documents or if there is ambiguity in the person’s will. If you are an interested beneficiary in an estate, you can get further information by contacting the estate administrator who has many responsibilities, including one to keep you updated. Most estates will be settled in a shorter period of time.

You can do your own due diligence for your loved ones by making sure that your estate is written clearly, has strategies in place to help you avoid probate and makes it simple for your estate administrators to take action as soon as possible after you pass away. A lot of the work making things easier for your loved ones can be accomplished now with the help of an attorney who has been practicing in this field of law for some time.

Schedule a consultation today with a knowledgeable estate planning lawyer to learn more. Our Virginia Beach estate planning office is still open and helping clients by phone and virtually; let’s talk today about how we can help you set up your estate so that your loved ones will know what to do if something happens to you.

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