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Virginia Beach Estate Planning Lawyer / Blog / Durable Power of Attorney / How Do I Obtain or Remove a Durable Power of Attorney?

How Do I Obtain or Remove a Durable Power of Attorney?


While you can find durable power of attorney forms online and download them today, it is always recommended that you speak with an estate planning attorney about your needs so that the lawyer can recommend the documents and language most appropriate to your particular situation.

If you are interested in obtaining or removing a power of attorney, you can revoke an existing power of attorney at any time so long as you are mentally competent to do so. It is strongly recommended that you only remove a power of attorney document in writing and to notify any businesses or financial institutions that your attorney in fact or agent has already interacted with.

If you are interested in revoking a power of attorney that was created by another loved one, this is more difficult. You might be able to take legal action to have a person who is abusing their power as an attorney-in-fact to be removed but you only need a dedicated elder law or estate planning attorney.

For more information about creating a new power of attorney, it’s a good idea to sit down with a trusted estate planning lawyer in Virginia Beach who can assist you with this entire process. There are many different factors to consider and it is important to contemplate your unique needs and individual goals as you move through this process.

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