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Helping Seniors Simple and Worthwhile

It’s something most Americans take for granted: we need something, so we go get it, whether it’s groceries or clothing or what have you, and go back home.

But it’s not that simple for people who are homebound. They must depend upon the kindness of others, in some cases strangers, for the basic necessities.

Locally, that’s where Senior Services of Southeast Virginia comes in.

“We help seniors to live with choice and dignity in their communities,” is the mission of the nonprofit organization.

One of the many ways this mission is met is through the delivery of prepared meals to homebound senior citizens.

Another aspect of SSSEVA’s efforts is advocacy on behalf of clients and others up there in years.

“Entering our 41st year, Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia is the regional organization in South Hampton Roads that supports and enriches the lives of seniors and their families through advocacy, education, information and comprehensive services,” according to the agency’s website, www.ssseva.org. “For one-third of a century, we’ve changed the lives of tens of thousands of the region’s seniors for the better. We’ve served over two million meals, contributed more than six million hours of senior volunteer services, driven seniors over 11 million miles and helped thousands of seniors live in their homes independently as an alternative to nursing home care.

“Through community partnerships with businesses, health care providers and other agencies, you will find us finding new ways to improve seniors’ lives. You will see our staff, advisory council members and board members playing key roles in statewide and regional coalitions and commissions on aging. And you will discover us hard at work addressing issues on aging to put before the Virginia General Assembly.”

SSSEVA recently put out a call for volunteers to help with both meal delivery and become senior advocates. The volunteer drivers make a commitment of taking meals to seniors in their own communities, only once or twice a month. Senior advocates make visits, resolve quality-of-care issues and provide needed information.

Anyone with a little time and some compassion for people who can’t just get up and go get what they need may find additional information about volunteer opportunities at the nonprofit organization’s website.

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