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Estate Tax Calculator May Provide a Peek into the Future

Everyone who kept up with the recent changes in the estate tax laws—and the flurry of speculation, news stories and blog posts that came with it—knows just how important estate taxes are to estate planning. Although we make it clear on our blog that estate planning should be at least as much about family and personal legacy as it is about money and taxes, the truth is that much of the technical planning that goes into creating your estate plan is hugely affected by the estate tax laws and regulations.

This is why we thought our readers might like to have a little sneak peek at what you might owe in estate taxes were you to pass away under the current laws. SmartMoney.com recently published an interactive Estate Tax Calculator which can help estimate the amount you might owe based on your current financial information.

Although it is certainly interesting to see what you may end up owing in estate taxes, and it is absolutely helpful to see a list all of your assets and liabilities in one place, please remember that what this calculator provides is only an estimate. There is more to estate tax calculation and estate planning than can be provided in one form. What we hope is that this calculator may pique your interest, and inspire you to contact our office for the more thorough planning you and your family deserve; planning based on face to face discussions about your unique goals and situation.

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