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Virginia Beach Estate Planning Lawyer / Blog / Estate Planning / Do You Need an Estate Plan Maintenance Program?

Do You Need an Estate Plan Maintenance Program?


Many estate planning law offices provide a broad range of different types of services for their clients. Understanding this terminology and the options available to you can help you to make an informed decision about what’s most appropriate for you. One such term is a maintenance program. This is a membership or maintenance program as a form of an estate planning law firm model based on ongoing representation of that person’s needs.

Many people have the perception that estate planning is once and done, but this is simply not accurate. Due to changes in state and federal laws as well as alterations in your life you’ll need an estate plan that changes and adapts as you do. Maintenance plans can vary but at their minimum, will frequently contain a periodic review of estate planning documents, client goals, asset ownership and other matters related to the individual’s estate planning.

This proactive engagement allows you to work directly with an attorney who will keep you informed about serious changes in the estate planning landscape so that you can make informed decisions about adaptations to make.

While creating your estate plan is the first step, finding a Virginia Beach law firm who offers you the ongoing support of a maintenance program can really help you define your estate planning goals today and into the future.

Scheduling a consultation with an experienced and dedicated estate planning lawyer can assist you with a holistic approach and a strategy aligned with your individual needs.

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