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Virginia Beach Estate Planning Lawyer / Blog / Estate Planning / Do You Have a Just-In-Case List?

Do You Have a Just-In-Case List?


If something happened to you and you weren’t able to speak for yourself, do you have a plan for who could find important documents and enable you to remain focused on your medical care?

A just-in-case list provides important access details for a chosen loved one to be able to gather the necessary information to take care of your affairs.

This person may also be appointed as your power of attorney and the just-in-case list makes it that much easier for them to find important details. Rather than sorting through paperwork or trying to find where on your computer you’ve stored things like your primary care physician’s contact information or your health insurance details, a just-in-case list puts this all together in one location so that in a quick instant your chosen family member or trusted friend can access it and provide these details to who need it.

Be aware that without a power of attorney document in place and an executed version of that power of attorney to show financial institutions, you will not be able to make financial transactions on behalf of a loved one.

Certain banks and other financial institutions have their own power of attorney form that must be completed. Be prepared to find all of these pertinent details if you’ve been appointed as a power of attorney agent and make things easier when you name your own power of attorney agent by creating a just-in-case list.

Ready to match your just in case list with the rest of your estate plan? Meet today with a Virginia Beach estate planning attorney for clarity.

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