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Virginia Beach Estate Planning Lawyer / Blog / Baby Boomers / Baby Boomers Should Not Let This Critical Issue Lapse in Their Estate Planning

Baby Boomers Should Not Let This Critical Issue Lapse in Their Estate Planning

Are you thinking about looking ahead to your own future and imagining the perfect retirement you’ve been spending most of your working life for?

This is certainly a worthwhile goal but it is one that should always be approached with caution if you haven’t thought about possibly incapacitating events. Estate planning goes far beyond just setting aside goals for your retirement in the future.

In fact, estate planning requires careful consideration of what would happen to you if you experienced a sudden incapacitating event. These incapacitating events could come about as a result of a physical or cognitive disability or even a vehicle accident.

These can shake up your life and present numerous challenges for your future and if you don’t get the support of an experienced estate planning attorney to help you craft necessary tools such as a power of attorney for your finances and your medical decisions, you could expose yourself and your family members to difficult choices down the road.

This can even lead to family infighting and further conflict, all of which could have been avoided with some careful planning and getting ready for your future. When you are concerned about the next steps to take, schedule a consultation with an experienced estate planning attorney who can walk you through every aspect of a comprehensive estate plan.

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