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Virginia Beach Estate Planning Lawyer / Blog / Estate Planning / Are You Delaying Estate Planning by Underestimating the Future?

Are You Delaying Estate Planning by Underestimating the Future?


It can be challenging to contemplate the uncertainties that lie ahead, but tackling estate planning now can make it simpler to take proactive measures or provide assistance to your loved ones down the line. Unfortunately, numerous individuals dismiss the notion of estate planning, believing it to be a distant concern that doesn’t apply to them. This misconception can lead to shock and distress when a loved one passes away prematurely or unexpectedly. In such cases, the mourning process is compounded by the burden of resolving probate matters without any prior estate planning in place.

In the realm of financial planning, a concept known as hyperbolic discounting holds sway. Many individuals struggle with setting aside funds for the future, as the more distant an event seems—be it retirement or the potential need for long-term healthcare expenses—the less connected they feel to the idea as a whole. This disconnect subsequently diminishes the perceived significance and urgency of taking proactive steps to secure one’s well-being.

To counter this tendency, consider shortening your time horizons to achieve greater progress in your financial and estate planning. If retirement and estate planning appear distant, ponder what milestones you could reach within the next 12 months or even five years, ensuring you’ve implemented fundamental measures to safeguard your interests. Establishing a basic estate plan, such as drafting a will and obtaining a term life insurance policy, can offer a safety net for your family in the event of an untimely passing.

Although you may fervently hope that such circumstances won’t arise for many years, the prudent approach is to have some safeguards in place to mitigate the potential risks posed by unforeseen events. Given the prevalence of unexpected health challenges that individuals encounter during their lives, seeking the guidance of a trusts and estates lawyer in Virginia Beach becomes invaluable for navigating this critical planning process.

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