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Virginia Beach Estate Planning Lawyer / Chesapeake Crisis Planning Lawyer

Chesapeake Crisis Planning Lawyer

It is never comfortable to think about the future, and how you may need long-term care at home, in an assisted living facility, or in a nursing home. Many people continue to put off planning for the care they may need and sometimes, they wait until it is too late. In these instances, a person may have to be admitted into a facility or pay for care, and they are unsure of how they are going to do it. This is a time of crisis, but it does not mean that you are out of options or that there is no answer. Our Chesapeake crisis planning lawyer can advise on the strategies that can help you cover the cost of care you need without forfeiting your life savings.

Proactive Planning vs. Crisis Planning

There are two types of planning that apply to long-term care. One is proactive planning, which occurs when a person considers the potential need for long-term care in the future and starts preparing for Medicaid eligibility. For a number of years during proactive planning, assets are protected and structured in a way that they are not considered for Medicaid eligibility.

Crisis planning occurs when a person has not proactively planned. In these situations, a person requires long-term care immediately but does not have a plan in place to pay for it. While this is a crisis, there are still strategies you can use to get the care you need.

Crisis Planning Strategies

If you are in crisis, our experienced attorney can help you protect your property while still meeting Medicaid’s strict requirements. We can make sure there are no unnecessary delays when qualifying and help with your application while making sure you or a family member obtains the required care in the meantime. When people apply for Medicaid on their own, they often make common mistakes that then present obstacles when trying to obtain the necessary support.

Our seasoned attorney will advise on how and when you can start protecting assets, obtain a fast approval by properly completing the paperwork, and ensure that assets are transferred properly.

Long-term care through Medicaid is only available to individuals who have few assets or resources and who also have a low income. Medicaid also has a five-year lookback period, that allows any property, assets, and income over the past five years to count. Still, considering that long-term care in Virginia costs more than $100,000 annually, it is still an option that is out of reach for many people. We can advise on how to shield your assets so they are not considered for Medicaid eligibility and you obtain the care you or your family needs.

Call Our Crisis Planning Lawyer in Chesapeake Today

If you are in crisis, you need help now. At The Law Office of Angela N. Manz, our Chesapeake crisis planning lawyer can provide it. We can offer the support you and your family needs during this difficult time and will help you develop a plan for the immediate future, and for the long-term. Call us now at 757-271-6275 or contact us online to request a consultation.

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