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As the queen of Medicaid and Veteran’s applications, Jasmine exhibits more patience and persistence than anyone in the office and maybe anywhere. She helps clients obtain their maximum benefits with extreme efficiency. She is a powerful mixture of immense dedication and focused hard work, unafraid to face anyone from the Department of Social Services.

Jasmine is the most senior employee in the office and has proven her worth many times over. With over 15 years of paralegal experience, she is a force to be reckoned with. Her kids would agree, as she is the fiercest team mom you’ll ever meet. Her weekends fully consist of screaming on the sidelines of her son’s soccer games or rooting her daughter on at her swim meets.

Jasmine was born in Santa Rosa, California and raised in Cobb (a small town “in the sticks” in Northern California). After graduating from Middletown High School, Middletown, CA, she obtained her paralegal certificate from Heald Business College in Santa Rosa. Jasmine moved to San Diego after graduating business school to marry her high school sweetheart.  After eight years in San Diego and one child later, her husband attended Dive School in Florida with follow-on orders to Virginia Beach, where their second child was born.  They have lived in Virginia Beach for ten years and have no intentions in leaving – unless the government says otherwise of course.


Mary is our office manager who brightens our workplace with an irresistible enthusiasm for life and everything in it.  She wears many hats including billing director, calendar organizer, gate keeper, and disk-jockey.  She works hard to keep Angela straight (no small feat!) and always knows what needs to happen next.  Mary keeps our office train on its tracks while ensuring an occasion for celebrating is never missed.

Though sometimes it feels like Mary was sent here purely for our own joy and entertainment, and although we have tried, we have yet to find the bottom of her energy reserves.  A Norfolk native, Mary is a graduate of Lake Taylor High School and Old Dominion University with a Business Degree.  She has over 14 years of experience working with the senior community.  Prior to joining Manz Law, she worked with a certified senior financial advisor and the home health industry.  Every office should have a Mary but we’re the lucky ones who have her!


Diana is the newest member of our team. A native of Virginia Beach, Diana is a graduate of Kempsville High School and Old Dominion University with a degree in Psychology and Human Services. With the patience of a saint and the determination of a boxer, she proves that is it possible to simultaneously achieve at her job, attend school full time and plan a wedding, while still maintaining the reputation and highest honor of being voted the nicest person in the office. How does she have time for all of this? Maybe she never sleeps, we don’t really know.

What we do know is how hard working, smart and reliable Diana is to us and our clients. Whenever we need something done, or simply need a partner in crime for happy hour, Diana is the word. We’re determined to find a drink that Diana doesn’t like, but we’ve given up on the quest to locate her dark side. It simply doesn’t exist.

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